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Genji Rework

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On 29.01.2020
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Genji Rework

Gaming. Hanzo e Genji Overwatch Hanzo, Overwatch Comic, Charakter Ideen, Pinstriping, Lustiges, Overwatch | New Hanzo Rework. points • 2. Und schließlich wollen wir nicht, dass Spieler ihre Tickets verschwenden, wenn es nicht zum eigentlichen Zweck des neuen Features beiträgt. Featureupdate. Seit vergangener Nacht ist der PTR Patch aktiv und bringt neben kleineren Änderungen an Helden den lang ersehnten Hanzo Rework mit. Spieler, die den​.

Seite 2: Overwatch - Hanzo-Komplettüberarbeitung, Lucio-Buff und Rialto-Map jetzt auf PTR spielbar

Und schließlich wollen wir nicht, dass Spieler ihre Tickets verschwenden, wenn es nicht zum eigentlichen Zweck des neuen Features beiträgt. Featureupdate. Sieh dir an, was Genji (slawaizumi) auf Pinterest entdeckt hat – die weltweit größte Another version of Syltorian's character Kseniya, reworked from original​. Genji ein Traummann ^^ Mehr Game Figuren, Overwatch Helden, Anime Waffe, ML ; Sun - Monkey King (Rework) Asien, Held Tapete, Hintergrundbilder Fürs.

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Overwatch 2 - New Abilities/Talents for PVE - Blizzcon 2019

Why I think he is OP? Let me talk about Genji for a bit. Genji's abilities: I won't explain the abilities of Genji because I think you all know how. Das lang erwartete Rework von Hanzo steht an, aber auch einige Anpassungen anderer Helden. Endlich macht Blizzard ernst. Seit Monaten. Und schließlich wollen wir nicht, dass Spieler ihre Tickets verschwenden, wenn es nicht zum eigentlichen Zweck des neuen Features beiträgt. Featureupdate. Sieh dir den Clip von ForgeOW mit dem Titel „GENJI REWORK“ an.

Genji Rework, der bekommt. - Patchnotes

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She is way easier for people to start playing and learning, but she is still a hard hero to play. Are the reworks and hero design teams separate?

Why would they choose to focus time on reworking heroes when new heroes is what would bring new players, if any, in? Good for the reworked hero players if they like the rework though.

Cassia players might not have liked the rework though? I think they are the same team. Reworks are way easier to do because most of them are just talent tree reworks, but you already have the hero, abilities and everything ready.

Stop with this nonsense. They can and will do both hero reworks and new content at the same time. I like the idea of Genji only being good in the hands of a very skilled player, someone who spends a lot of time learning his nuances.

It kind of fits with his theme. That said, he could definitely use some better talent diversity. It takes time and resources to focus on both instead of one or the other.

She actually did, her mobility is nothing close to Bullet Time mobility, the closest thing is Jumper but that requires sacrificing all blinks for it to proc.

I also think the talent tree needs some help. Genji needs a rework! General Discussion. Level 10 - Both are fine. Level 13 - Shingan best overall, flow like water situational, double jump sucks.

Thanks for reading! Dude be careful what u wish for. U ask for rework they rework it u may end up hating it. After that talent options could include: a damage focus on the first or only target hit; damage boost on the last target hit if hitting several a semi-reset where hitting a wall lets genji strike again wall jump So long as swift strike can freely go through any obstacle, it pretty much undercuts the appeal of any options built around cyber jump.

Tracer did not lose any mobility why would genji lose any? I like agile dismount tho. You a great amound of mobility. Im perfectly ok with this Not a fan of that aspect really though… NO!!!

Seems like a massive nerf in damage, especially burst, for even higher mobility. Getting the reset with dragonblade is extremely useful, even if swift strike did 0 damage, as it allows you to very quickly change your positioning to the next lowest person, who is no doubt trying to put distance between you and them.

Deflect is more of a defensive tool than offensive. Your caps actually nerf deflect damage significantly, as you could only realistically get out 4 consistent hits with a.

Currently depending on who and how they were hitting you, you can get quite a few deflects in the quarter of a second it takes for them to actually stop attacking.

Being more of a threat without needing to play even more like a melee assassin would be welcome. Thank you for your comment dude. Moreover, I understand that some people wanted a way to regain Shingan in the Talent Tree before the level 20, and so I did.

Now, Shingan can be acquired by proving your skill to hit enemies with all Shuriken at once from level 4.

I understand as well that my modifications on Deflect were in the right direction, but had huge weaknesses as well. Now, Heroes like Tassadar and Tracer should always take a lot of damage if they keep attacking Genji during Deflect, but not being killed for that and Heroes like Butcher or Greymane with strong amount of damage output per Basic Attack should be a bit more careful when they keep attacking Genji during Deflect.

Genji Rework Suggestions General Discussion. Goals and Comments Change the way Deflect does damage to make its damage much less random and way more consistent.

Modify Talents on Deflect so that it rewards for damage dealt rather than damage absorbed, which can fluctuate greatly and make its talents too risky.

In addition, this change allows to put back the feature on Dragon Blade that resets Swift Strike cooldown.

Increase the power of X-Strike accordingly. Improve the diversity of Builds by increasing the diversity of talents.

The number of Kunai that Genji can throw during Deflect has been reduced to one every 0. The total amount of Damage Deflected is replaced by the total amount of Damage dealt to Heroes while Deflect is active.

Reset window increased from 1. Dragonblade R1 Mana cost increased from 75 to X -Strike R2 Mana cost reduced from 90 to Added functionality:!

Passive: Cyber Agility stores 2 charges. Talents Level 1 Agile Dismount Trait Cooldown reduction increased from 10 to 12 seconds. Pathfinder Trait Removed.

Cyber Shield Trait New functionality: Hitting an enemy Hero with Swift Strike or using Cyber Agility grants 40 Spell Armor for 2.

Dodge Passive New functionality: Activate to Evade enemy Basic Attacks for 1. Dodge cooldown is reduced by 1. Cooldown: 16 seconds.

Level 13 Shingan Q Removed. About Overwatch Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. Hanamura , Japan formerly Shambali Monastery, Nepal.

Shimada Clan formerly Overwatch Blackwatch formerly. Sojiro Shimada father Hanzo Shimada older brother. Va has difficulty tracking her shots on a mobile hero like Genji.

In addition, Deflect can buy you time as well as reflect her Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles back at her for decent damage. Because D.

Va's Mech is so large, Fan of Blades can easily hit her with quick and successive attacks. She will attempt to use Defense Matrix to negate your Shuriken, so try to attack her from a blind spot where she can't block your attacks or pressure her until Defense Matrix runs out.

If you need to escape, you can use Swift Strike and Cyber-Agility; just be wary that D. Va's Boosters can allow her to track you down and finish you off if you attempt to escape at low health.

When using Dragonblade, D. Va can be troublesome since her Mech's large health makes it hard to destroy, and destroying it doesn't restore Swift Strike like a normal kill would plus D.

Va's ejection time wastes more of your Ultimate's precious time. Consider saving Dragonblade until after D.

Va has lost her Mech. Once D. Va's out of her Mech, you have a much better shot at finishing her off; a few Shuriken and a Swift Strike should do the job.

Your mobility will allow you to stay above Reinhardt and out of his reach, allowing you to flank teammates he's protecting or even Reinhardt himself from behind.

While Reinhardt's massive health makes him difficult to kill, your mobility can allow you to always remain on Reinhardt's blind side and pelt him with Shuriken.

You can even Swift Strike through his shield to deal some damage and begin attacking him from behind. If you catch Reinhardt alone, you can get behind him to force him to turn your way, allowing the rest of your team to swarm him and take him down.

If Reinhardt turns around and decides to start attacking you at close range, try to use Swift Strike and Cyber-Agility to keep your distance, as it only takes him a few hammer swings to kill you.

If you have Dragonblade activated, only engage with Reinhardt if he has low health. Otherwise, try to focus on his teammates with lower health. While you normally want to be mobile rather than hiding behind a barrier, sticking with a friendly Reinhardt has its uses.

While slowly pushing with your team or holding a defensive position, you can hang behind his shield and toss Shuriken, only moving out of the shield's safety once you're ready to land a kill with Swift Strike.

If Reinhardt hits a large number of enemies with Earthshatter, they'll be prime targets for you to finish off with Swift Strike, or even Dragonblade if you're so inclined.

Deflect can block Roadhog's Chain Hook to defend yourself or a teammate. Otherwise, neither Roadhog nor Genji have a direct advantage over one another in a close range fight.

Try to consistently jump around him to avoid his Scrap Gun and use Fan of Blades to pelt his body and build up Dragonblade.

At a safe distance, you should be able to land successive headshots as he has no way to block your attacks and can't hit you from that distance.

Genji's fairly low damage can be quickly healed back up by Roadhog's Take a Breather. During this time, you'll need to decide whether to stick around and continue fighting him, or to take the opportunity to flee and gain some distance while you have the chance.

If you do get Hooked, while you have a small chance of avoiding Roadhog's follow-up attack, you're most likely going to die, so always be wary and ready to Deflect it.

You can Deflect Whole Hog back at Roadhog, sending him flying backwards and keeping your team safe. If Roadhog has most of his health, try not to activate Dragonblade; not only will he probably survive the onslaught, he can Hook you while you're swinging away and take you out.

Enemies snagged by a friendly Roadhog's Chain Hook will usually be reduced to extremely low health if they survive his combo, rendering them easy targets for you to kill with a Swift Strike.

Wrecking Ball. Winston's Tesla Cannon can't be Deflected and it has a wide range that tracks its target, meaning your mobility and Deflect are useless against him.

You can try to pelt him with Shuriken, but his damage output is about the same as yours while he has much higher health. His Projected Barrier will be very difficult for you to penetrate, and if you try to move through it to attack at close range, you put yourself at risk of Winston's Tesla Cannon.

Even if you try to flee with Swift Strike or Cyber Agility, Winston can use his Jump Pack to chase after you and finish you off, making it very difficult to disengage.

Try to let your teammates battle Winston, or if you must, hit him with Shuriken at a safe distance. Both you and Winston are mobile, so it can serve in both of your interests to travel together and dive on the same opponents.

Provided Zarya has enough charge, the primary fire on her Particle Cannon can make very short work of you. Your overall damage is low when battling Zarya, but you can keep tossing Shurikens from a distance where Zarya can't attack you back.

Unlike Winston, Zarya's primary fire requires more precise aim, so when fighting at close range, try to jump around Zarya to confuse her and disrupt her aiming.

While it's incredibly risky, you can Deflect Graviton Surge, which can swerve the game completely in your favor. Although Deflect is a powerful tool to turn Bastion's strength against itself, a smart Bastion will stop firing as soon as you use Deflect, so try to do so at close range so it has much less reaction time.

Thanks to your high mobility, you can quickly get behind Bastion and destroy it by attacking its weak spot in the rear with Fan of Blades.

When Bastion swerves around to attack you, that's the perfect time to retaliate with a Deflect and seal the deal.

If you can't finish it off with Deflect, however, you may have difficulty with Bastion; you can use Swift Strike and Cyber-Agility to stay mobile and keep it from gunning you down, but unless you escape around a corner or up a wall, Bastion can finish you off before you get the chance to destroy it.

Heckling it with Shuriken from a distance and from behind corners can help chip away at its health, but its Self-Repair can heal at a quick enough rate to nullify your damage.

If you wish to kill Bastion with Dragonblade, try to wait until it's dead or in Recon Configuration. Bastion's Ironclad will help it withstain a sword swing or two, which will be enough time for it to mow you down, and you don't want to waste your Ultimate's duration using Deflect.

In a Genji vs Genji fight, both of you will have a hard time landing Shuriken due to your vertical mobility. If you have low health, you can use Deflect to buy time, though keep in mind that the opposing Genji will try to do the same.

Deflect can't block Swift Strike though; if the opposing Genji is near death and is Deflecting, swoop in to finish him off before he can use Swift Strike to flee.

If an enemy Genji is in a group, it's best to prioritize other enemies before him who you can kill quicker and more efficiently.

Hanzo's Storm Arrows can prove to be a threat to you at close range, but a quick Deflect can protect you while either killing Hanzo or causing the duration of his Storm Arrows to wear off.

Thanks to your Cyber-Agility, you can close the distance on Hanzo with little time and fight him at your preferred closer range.

Hanzo will attempt potshots with his arrows at close range, but by staying mobile with Cyber-Agility and landing Swift Strikes, you can make quick work of him.

If you don't know where Hanzo is yet, though, take caution; Hanzo is deadly at long range, and he can snipe you before you get close enough to fight him.

It's possible to Deflect Dragonstrike, but the timing is extremely precise. When Hanzo activates his Ultimate, he first fires an arrow, which then transforms into Dragonstrike; you must Deflect the arrow immediately upon the Ultimate's activation.

If you time it right, you'll send Dragonstrike right back at your brother, but if not you'll find yourself on its receiving end.

Hanzo's Sonic Arrow is helpful for keeping an eye on enemies' locations. If you see enemies alone, you can hunt them down and retreat before their allies show up to help them.

Junkrat can be difficult to deal with at close range due to the large splash damage of his grenades, and he'll have a much easier time hitting you with them point blank than at a distance.

If you jump around with Cyber-Agility to avoid the grenades' arcs while pelting him with Shuriken, though, you can handle Junkrat fair enough.

You can quickly close the gap and use Swift Strike and Deflect to deal with a Junkrat trying to heckle you from afar. However, Junkrat can still be risky due to his Steel Trap and Total Mayhem.

His Steel Trap and Concussive Mine combo is especially dangerous, as if you're caught off guard by the Steel Trap, the Concussion Mine will be enough to kill you.

This can be even more problematic if you're caught in his Steel Trap during Dragonblade, which will waste more than half of the duration of your Ultimate while also making you an easy target.

If you kill Junkrat at close range, use Swift Strike to escape from Total Mayhem's bombs. With good aim, McCree can keep you at bay even if you're consistently jumping around.

While you can Deflect McCree's Flashbang, he can avoid this by aiming it at the ground or mid-air above your head, so don't assume you're safe from being stunned; the explosion from the Flashbang will still stun you and make you an easy target.

To counter the stun, try to position yourself in such a way that you will Deflect Flashbang by standing where you believe the McCree will be throwing it.

Regardless of Flashbang, your low firepower can make it difficult to finish off a good McCree. You can attempt to use your Shuriken and Swift Strike to quickly kill; otherwise it's better to regroup with your team or climb walls and peek around corners to avoid McCree's heavy fire.

McCree's Deadeye can be Deflected; not only can this protect your team, but it also has a chance to kill the McCree himself. Just be wary about your activation timing; a wise McCree will know that you will attempt to Deflect him, and can wait out your Deflect prior to firing Deadeye.

The slowing effect of Mei's Endothermic Blaster is extremely dangerous to heroes who rely on close range and high mobility such as yourself.

You can jump around to avoid Mei's Endothermic Blaster and avoid her consistent freezing stream while tossing attacks her way, but the range of her freezing is respectable and as soon as you get caught in it, the slowdown will be enough to cripple you and let her easily finish freezing you.

The best move as Genji is usually to perform a Swift Strike to flee and harass Mei from a distance with Shuriken.

You don't have damage falloff at long range, so as long as you avoid Mei's dangerous icicles, you should be able to deal some decent damage at a distance.

While you can't Deflect the primary fire of Endothermic Blaster, you can Deflect its icicles, and more importantly, you can Deflect Mei's Blizzard Ultimate, which can completely turn the tides in favor of your team.

If Mei tries to block you in an area with Ice Wall, simply climb over them and quickly escape. Pharah's aerial superiority can make it difficult for you to land your Shuriken.

However, Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike can help reduce the distance between you and Pharah and make it a more even fight.

By consistently leaping in the air with Cyber-Agility, you can make it so that Pharah will have a harder time landing her rockets and hitting you with their splash damage.

While waiting for Swift Strike to recharge, you can Deflect a rocket or two back at Pharah. Better yet, if she activates Barrage, all you have to do is activate Deflect and position yourself in front of her, and you can send her rockets right back in her face.

Otherwise, try to hit her with Shuriken headshots and never stay in one place at a time, and you should handle her okay.

Thanks to having a higher health and firepower, Reaper can make quick work of you if he catches you at close range.

However, you have much greater mobility than him; Cyber-Agility can allow you to climb away and get vertical distance, or in an emergency you can use Swift Strike to increase the gap.

You can also attempt to Deflect some of his fire, but he'll be ready to mow you down as soon as Deflect wears off so you'll need to Swift Strike away if you want any hope of surviving.

At medium to long range, you have a much better chance against Reaper by firing your Shuriken his way. Even if you don't land headshots, successive bodyshots can gradually rack up damage on him, forcing him to either retreat or meet a gruesome end with a timely Swift Strike.

While Deflect works to an extent against Death Blossom, Reaper's Ultimate outlasts your ability, and its area of effect can still hit you even while Deflecting.

Its large spread also makes it difficult to turn it back on Reaper to kill him, so it's better to just continue attacking with Shuriken or Swift Strike away when he activates his Ultimate.

Just be sure to always keep your distance from Reaper and you should be alright. Soldier: Soldier: 76's Biotic Field helps him manage a prolonged fight against you, when you usually wants to shoot for a quick kill.

While Soldier: 76 doesn't have any way to counter you at close range, he can still outdamage you if he lands his shots.

Deflect his Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets at a distance, then use Swift Strike to close the gap and attack him at close range with Fan of Blades.

Be wary that Soldier: 76 can aim his Helix Rockets at the ground to avoid your Deflect, but if he hits an area too close to him, he can suffer recoil damage.

If Soldier: 76 is losing a fight, he will attempt to Sprint away. You can try to finish him off with a long-range Shuriken or a Swift Strike, or you can use Cyber-Agility to climb above and around him to cut him off.

If he gets far enough away, though, it's best to regroup with your team and fight him again later. While you can Deflect Tactical Visor, it will only buy you a little bit of time; unless your team is ready to swoop in and take Soldier: 76 out, it's best to Swift Strike to safety once Deflect wears off.

Sombra can use her Hack to deactivate Deflect and Swift Strike; this will render you an easy target for her team because you can't use Deflect to buy time or Swift Strike to flee.

Cyber-Agility is still active under Hack, so climbing a wall to flee is still possible. Sombra's high fire rate can kill you quickly if she can track most of her shots, jumping around and staying nimble can help you avoid her fire.

If you hear the sound of her uncloaking or the sound of her hacking you, try to get some distance so you're not caught by surprise, or snap around with a quick Shuriken burst to disrupt her Stealth or Hack.

Try not to Deflect her attacks, as she'll take this opportunity to perform an easy Hack on you; if you're in an unfavorable situation, it's better to use Swift Strike to quickly retreat.

If she doesn't manage to hack you, you can harass her at mid to long range thanks to your Shuriken's decreased damage falloff in comparison to her Machine Pistol before finishing her off with a Swift Strike.

Be careful about getting hacked during Dragonblade; you'll retain your sword's impressive power, but losing the ability to Swift Strike or Deflect will make it much harder for you to carve through the enemy team and much easier for them to carve through you.

Hacked opponents will often prove to be easy pickings for you; this is especially true for enemies such as Doomfist, Tracer and Mercy who rely on their abilities to disengage from combat.

Heute: Lukas verlässt sich auf Sie. Lukas Zickl benötigt Ihre Hilfe zur Petition „Blizzard Entertainment: Genji needs a nerf or a rework!(Overwatch)”.Jetzt machen Sie Lukas und 18 Unterstützer*innen mit. Genji Dash Animation Rework [workshop by DarwinStreams ft. Necros] Fan Content. Close. Posted by. u/DarkyPaky 🔨DarwinStreams - The Workshop Guy. 7 months ago. Even today, genji's pathfinder talent at level 1 sits at a 36% winrate, with a 4% pickrate. Is this supposed to be okay? I've also seen people saying a rework might come. Honestly, genji's mobility is not in the broken state it was anymore in / genji REWORKED XBBF9 Genji is worked in this gamemode. Genji's primary fire is now rapid fire but does less damage. Rework Genji: Dragonblade is instadeath for one target, they respawn immediately and the ult charges way faster than current dragonblade. It is possible to miss, and you only get the one slash upon popping Q after he unsheathes the sword. Kinda like pulse bomb only easier to hit, and no splash damage. Wir sprechen in dieser Woche über die offizielle Vorgeschichte von Battle for Azeroth - Wie es dazu Uzivo Rezultati, dass Sylvanas die Stadt Deutschland Brasilien Wm und somit den Weltenbaum angriff. Gründe dafür gibt es viele, aber nur einige davon dürfen Sebastian Haller werden. Die Szenerie ist Blizzard-typisch sehr stimmungsvoll und wie immer sehr detailreich.
Genji Rework Swift as the wind actually synergizes with his resets and all that. The number of Kunai that Genji can throw during Deflect has been reduced to one every 0. Pathfinder just sucks. genji REWORKED. XBBF9. Genji is worked in this gamemode. Genji's primary fire is now rapid fire but does less damage. Hold secondary fire to stop shooting. Genji moves slower. Genji's dash has decreased cooldown AND when dealing damage while using it, heals you. A Bad Rework for Genji By: JLPBoss (My alt.) V Power Leap (Shift): Genji uses his enhansments to boost himself into the air Gear Shift (E): Genji puts himself into 2nd gear and boosts his speed and damage at a cost of his hp Life or Death (Second Passive) when Genji. Even today, genji's pathfinder talent at level 1 sits at a 36% winrate, with a 4% pickrate. Is this supposed to be okay? I've also seen people saying a rework might come. Honestly, genji's mobility is not in the broken state it was anymore in / Credentials: Level 74 Genji Rework main who has played him since launch. In the main room in front of the sword display he lit an incense offering and prayed to honor his brother. Just be sure to always keep your distance from Reaper Bestes Roulette Casino – Pepal Blog you should be alright. Treasury Poker the youngest son of Sojiro Shimadathe master of the Shimada ninja clanGenji lived a life of luxury and privilege. Double Jump Trait Removed. Three weeks later alongside Tracer and Winston, Genji confronted Doomfist in Singapore. Deflect allows Genji to turn enemies' damage back towards them and Em Expertentipp allows him to turn around entire ultimate abilities. It is Ovo Casino Mobile, but it is very niche like I said before. Winston's Tesla Cannon can't be Deflected and it has a wide range that tracks its target, meaning your mobility and Deflect are useless against him. If Vrc Flemington hits a large number of enemies with Earthshatter, they'll be prime targets for you to finish off with Swift Strike, or even Dragonblade if you're so inclined. Reflect is kind of a meme. Increase the power of X-Strike accordingly.


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